University Library

New button 'Remote Access' on website

The button 'Old Catalogue' in the right hand menu bar on our website has been replaced by the   new button 'Remote Access' to help you access our digital resources more easily from home.

Library opening hours on December 5th

On December 5th, the University Library and Library Learning Centre Campus The Hague are open as usual. The other libraries close at 16h00 due to the national celebration of 'Sinterklaas' eve.

Lectures: Investigating Indonesia

Everyday life, populair music, the Caribbean and female islamic leidership. A series of 4 lectures to accompany the exhibition Investigating Indonesia in the University Library.

Rare medieval bookmark found

A special discovery in Leiden University Library: Book historian Erik Kwakkel found a rare medieval bookmark. Worldwide we know of only 35 similar specimen.

KITLV collections to UBL

Since July 1st, 2014, the KITLV library and collections are managed by Leiden University Libraries. Check out these recommendations to help you continue using the KITLV collections.